So, Jeremy Jackson has rightfully been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house (Channel 5) after he sexually assaulted Chloe Goodman as she was comforting him whilst he was being sick in the toilet.

Sexual assault is NEVER ok.  EVER.  But what is interesting about this is Chloe Goodman’s own admission “I know I’ve done Page 3, but .. ” (Page 3 is a soft-porn image of a young woman in the UK’s most popular newspaper, The Sun) as she clearly links the two in some way.  Whilst it is true that no matter what career choice Chloe Goodman makes as a soft-porn model, it doesn’t offer men the green light to then assault her; we have to have an honest conversation over what effect this culture is actually having on men and their attitudes and behaviours towards women.

Sexual violence against women and children is endemic, an epidemic, pandemic in the UK.  That is the grim reality and in this context, what is Page 3 doing to perpetuate this?


Love? Boring? Obviously …

February 3, 2010

LOVE’s editor Katie Brand said: ”For this issue of LOVE, we took eight women who are generally acknowledged as the most beautiful in the world, got them to show off their bodies – widely regarded as the most perfect in the world – and photographed them all in exactly the same position for the cover.

Wow!  That’s a radical idea, Katie!  Yes, let’s get the most beautiful women in the world and strip them naked!  I bet that took hours to come up with that creative bombshell!

”We did this to show how much they differed physically from one another, which is why we also printed their measurements.”

Wow!  So you’ve printed their measurements aswell!?  Just to make women feel even more shit about themselves, you mean?

All joking aside though, what a tremendous scientific experiment!?  This one’s going to inspire and change my life.  Well done!

(Sack the editor!)

Gemma Merna has admitted that she struggles to control her breasts while filming Hollyoaks.

The actress, who plays Carmel Mcqueen in the Channel 4 soap, said that she often suffers wardrobe malfunctions due to her large chest and revelaed that she uses ‘tit tape’ to keep herself covered up.

She told Nuts:  “There have been quite a few wardrobe errors, yes!  It’s hard to control these two (points at boobs).  They sometimes have a mind of their own so thank goodness for tit tape!”

Talking about her bosom, she added “I do like my boobs but it does get a bit annoying with blokes talking to your boobs”.  The first thing people always say to me on shoots is “your tits look great!”  And I think “well, thank you, but there’s more to me than that!”

Merna also admitted to being “naughty behind closed doors”, claiming that she was only “sweet and innocent in public”.

So, on one hand Gemma doesn’t want to be known as just a pair of breasts but on the other hand she is appearing in these magazines which perpetuate the idea that that’s all women are; tits and arse.

You obviously haven’t noticed, Gemma, but women are barely seen as more than that in society anyway.  If you’re going to pose in these magazines you are most definitely going to be just that – a pair of tits.  The men who read these magazines don’t care who you are, they care if you ‘put out’ or not.  You are just wank fodder to them.  THAT. IS. ALL.

These soft-porn magazines and newspapers are the reason that even women who go out in their gym wear for a run get harassed, abused, hollered at, leered at, (i’ve just got back from a run so I’m angry and alluding to my own experience today, but women are victims of street harassment when showing any kind of flesh – or not – on a daily basis) because these publications encourage the idea that if women are showing flesh then they are ‘up for it’ and ‘fair game’.

Unfortunately, Gemma, whilst these publications continue to be mainstream, yourself and other women will continue to be subjected to overt degrading attitudes & behaviour.

Staying on the beach theme I thought I would share this quote from Christina Ricci that I recently came across, which I thought was rather inspiring.  Whether she truly believes it herself is irrelevant.  It’s great.

“I do not want to waste one more minute of my life feeling bad about the way I look.  If you’re obsessed with how you look in your bikini, you’re not going to have fun at the beach”.

Hear hear!

I avoid reading or buying newspapers and women’s magazine’s, however, when you have a 10 hr flight ahead of you, I’m ashamed to say, I sometimes give in.  On this occasion I bought May’s edition of Glamour magazine.  Why do I bother, I ask myself?!  I really despair at the content of these magazines but I guess on a positive note it gives us fems’ topics to talk about or blog about.

This one got me really fired up:

22 nosy questions answered by ‘real’ men (as oppose to the men made out of plastic or paper that is, right?!) as Glamour magazine knows how long women spend wondering what goes on in men’s minds.  (I must say, Glamour, it’s a tough one finding time wondering about men’s minds all day when you have nails to paint and bikini lines to wax and make-up to put on!)

What’s the most overrated porn cliche?

20%    Hot schoolgirl

19%    Hot nurse

10%    Hot librarian

10%    Hot psychiatrist

6%      Hot female boss

35%    None, they are ALL hot!

Now, this schoolgirl fantasy thing really bothers me.  Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the majority of schoolgirls under 16 years of age?  Doesn’t this mean then, according to British law that they are under the age of consent?

Doesn’t this then make you a paedophile?  Or at the very, very least you have paedophilic tendencies?!

Think about it.

Sexist Mexico!

April 30, 2008

I have just returned from a glorious week in Mexico.

Now, although I was happy and rather relieved not to experience any sort of sexism within the group I was over there with – whether it be in the form of sexist ‘banter’, sexist language, comments or behaviour (and there was around forty of us, mainly around the age of 30) – the ‘no topless bathing’ signs scattered about on our resort was a stark reminder that you can’t escape sexism wherever you go.

Why is this, exactly?  Why am I not allowed to be free like men are?  What is so shameful about my breasts I was asking myself?

It’s either because they are something so sexualised that they are considered something taboo, something naughty, something dirty, something ‘adult’ that belongs only within the confines of some sort of sexual scenario?  Or, they are thought of as disgusting as their real purpose is to breastfeed?  Or they are just seen as disgusting?

Can someone enlighten me why society still thinks it necessary that women have to cover their breasts on a hot day when men can roam free?

Answers on a postcard please!

If you have seen the news this morning you will have seen this report.  Vitamins now, apparently, shorten your life.

Carole Malone has just stated on The Wright Stuff however, that she is ‘suspicious’ of this report.  She said she wondered whether it is because we, the public, are seeking out vitamins to heal ailments etc. rather than going to the docs and getting a prescription, which, coincidently, is going to set you back nearly a tenner.

Good point, Carole.  As soon as I heard this report I thought “oh here we go, another contradiction, what are we meant to believe”? but I did also come away thinking vitamins were now something to be wary of.  Basically, we could be being fed anything by the media and we will believe it.  We believe what we read, hear and see around us and generally take it as gospel, when of course this could be the government’s brainwashing propaganda to make sure we keep the pharmaceutical industry in BIG business.

Always be ‘suspicious’ of what you see, is what I say.

In the words of Noel Gallagher … “don’t believe the truth”!


Hurry up, Hef!!!

April 13, 2008

When are you going to roll over and die?

I’m already planning a street party.

Porn for tea, anyone?

April 13, 2008

Why does Sky channel E! allow ‘Girls of the Playboy Mansion’ to broadcast at half past 7 in the evening? What ever happened to the watershed?

Last night’s episode had one of the ‘girls’ displaying all of her topless posters she had appeared in and was oh so proud of. Her breasts were blurred out (yeah, well done E!) but of course, the sentiment is there for all to see.

Then the old pervert Hef walks in on one of the ‘girls’ on a cross-trainer.  She flashes her cunt to him in her tiny mini-skirt while he stands there looking on.  Of course E! have blurred this out again!  Genius, E!  Pure genius.

Porn has become so normal that this imagery is ok for your kids to watch just before bed-time.

Sweet dreams, children.

I can’t help but get angry about the symbolism behind the juxtaposition of Amir “the face of modern multi-cultural Britain” Khan and the ring side girls dressed in stripper heels and breasts bursting out of their tops holding up ‘Spearmint Rhino, Gentlemen’s (gentlemen … how ironic?!) Club’ behind him at the big fight held in his home town of Bolton on Saturday night.

Now, I don’t proclaim to know too much about Islamic faith, but isn’t Britain’s celebrated porn culture (lead by The Sun and the News of the World; the major sponsors of boxing in this country) and its degrading portrayal of women as sex objects and pieces of meat is the complete antithesis of how women are expected to behave under Islam.  I’m not suggesting either idea is preferable, I’m suggesting that we should be questioning this extreme contradiction.

Shouldn’t we think about these things?  It is a joke that in ‘modern’ Britain, in the 21st century, in a supposedly multi-cultured and integrated society we still have porn and its influences wherever we go, whatever we choose to do?  Isn’t this maybe one obvious fundamental barrier when integrating British culture & Islamic faith?!  Amir & his family have no choice but to just get on with the archaic traditions of ‘modern day’ boxing whenever he steps into the ring but in my opinion, it’s downright disrespectful and racist.

Just a thought but maybe we could have a woman walking around the ring wearing a Burqa or Hijab?  That would be fair, wouldn’t it?  If you think that is radical, doesn’t that prove how far we have to go?  If the status quo within boxing never changes as Amir Khan’s success grows, isn’t this then truly symbolic of multi-cultured Britain?  Think about it, Frank.

On another note, as a female spectator, once again, I am reminded – as is every woman ringside – of my status in society.  I am reminded once again that this is a man’s world.  A white man’s world.  A white man’s playground.

I wonder whether Amir & his family think that too.